Complicating the Narratives, by Amanda Ripley / Solutions Journalism Network. 

The Magic of Multisolving, Stanford Social Innovation Review 

The People's Verdict, 1991 Canadian Citizen Jury, The Co-Intelligence Institute

Voice of the People, Overwhelming bipartisan support for net neutrality

Pew Research Center: 5 Facts About Blacks  

Leadership in a Connected World, Non-Profit Quarterly  

Words that Change Minds, Chronicle of Philanthropy 

Are You Able to Embrace Chaos? Psychology Today

An American Declaration, Better Angels  

Federal Budget Reform, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution  



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In 1991, Canadian magazine Maclean’s brought 12 citizens together for three days to come up with a vision for Canada. These Canadians, chosen for their differences, took their roles seriously, overcoming disagreements on behalf of Canadians. Read about this experience:

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