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We Love Freedom.
Freedom Is Our Right. 
Wise Democracy Serves Freedom.



Brilliant innovations in democracy are happening all over the world. They are making a big difference in the communities using them.

Most people don't know this... 

We are here to shout out the good news!


What is Wise Democracy? 

An approach to governance* designed to be inclusive, create shared power, and produce decisions that have long-lasting, broad benefit for the good of the whole.

*Governance is how we manage our collective affairs. Government is one approach. Talking together and community organizing are other approaches. Wise Democracy is a philosophy in action that can inform all approaches.


We work with community and civic groups, organizations and cities that are committed to advance the way we govern ourselves. We provide ideas and actions that can transform democracy into something that is truly ours.


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A group of informed people, energized for action, can create a wise democracy that serves everyone. Let's do it now, together!


Over $1 billion was spent on ballot initiative advertising and influence throughout the U.S. in 2014.  Healthy Democracy offers a Citizens’ Initiative Review process to fairly and thoroughly evaluate ballot measures and give voters information they can trust.